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Max Factory 30th Anniversary Comment Campaign Results!

Thanks to everyone who took part in the Max Factory 30th Anniversary Comment Campaign!
The top ten comments we selected together with the responses from tthe product planners can be found below!


figma Warspite
Oh my Magesty is finally coming! I have been waiting this as a figma fun so long. In a past, they send the replacement parts from Japan to my place.
Thank you for providing great support to us.
By: 吳柏叡
Response From Product Planner
Thank you for the comment. She will be the one of the largest figmas ever, and we are planning to replicate the transforming gimmick to her rig. I will put in everything I've got to ensure her sculpt comes out great!
Nendoroid Lina Inverse
OMG they're making a Lina Inverse #nendoroid ! Brings back so many memories of Megumi Hayashibara screaming at Naga. Can't wait to have her and Megumin compete in large explosions.
By: sakuraplush
Response From Product Planner
I am grad to hear you are happy with Nendoroid Lina. We are working directly with the with the original illustrator Rui Araizumi to ensure it will capture the spirit of the orignal as best as possible! I am also looking forward to see a showdown between the old and new explosive casters!
Nendoroid Nagisa Furukawa
Clannad left a mark in my heart from the first run of the VN, having Nagisa as a Nendoroid has got me into tears of joy...
By: @MendiKrim
Response From Product Planner
Thank you for the comment. I love both the original game and anime of CLANNAD so I am very excited that I can make her into a Nendoroid! I will try my best to bring the cutest Nendoroid Nagisa to all of her fans as well as Nendoroid fans!
figma Masahiro Chono
As a fan of both Gaki no Tsukai and puroresu, I wish there was a Tsukitei Hosei figma for Chono to slap. ガッデム!!
By: sirusriddler
Response From Product Planner
Than you for your thoughts! We will consider your idea as one way to play with him!
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 5th Anniversary Ver.
Happy 5th Anniversary of MAGICAL MIRAI!
I have been loving the series and appreciate for making figure complitely like original illustration. Espetially her ponytails are always sculpted with care and so much detailed. I like gradation on her skirt , cane, and Clear cards.
I want her as soon as possible!
By: @MeowLiu
Response From Product Planner
I am very proud that I was able to make this Magical Mirai 5th Anniversary Ver. to celebrate the anniversary year. The design has been made to capture the celebration within the Nendoroid, so I hope all the Miku fans out there will enjoy her with me!
Nendoroid More Love Live! Sunshine!! Dress Up World Image Girls
I am so excited to hear latest news on WHL4U26. "Nendoroid More Love Live! Sunshine!! Dress Up World Image Girls" was the most biggest news for me. I was discussing with my friend how exactly it would be sold as it is a rather different product to normal. I can't wait to find out more!
By: @mutsuki_yozora
Response From Product Planner
This item will add even more options to the Nendoroid Love Live! Sunshine!! series! Look forward to more information!
Nendoroid Wonder Woman
I am totally going to buy her!! She is a awesome superhero and being a woman makes that even better! And it's so cool that the figure looks like Gal Gadot, because she is great actress and the role fits her perfectly!
By: apolinaryfaceofkitsune
Response From Product Planner
We spent a lot of time trying to replicate Gal Gadot's charm as a Nendoroid, so I'm very happy to see this comment! She is also designed to take various epic poses, so be sure to display her in various awesome positions!!
Nendoroid Yumeko Jabami
Nendoroid Yumeko? The illustration is very cute! There is no chance GSC Nendoroid will let me down! Is there any amusing face? I hope there are cards as bonus parts. I look forward to the final product! I want to jump into "Kakegurui" world!
By: Northerly Sun
Response From Product Planner
Thank you for the comment! I am so happy that you mentioned the cuteness of the illustration! We will be trying to capture all the details of her character on the Nendoroid so you can count on there being amusing faces and more!
Kenshin Himura
By: @ensaymaya
Response From Product Planner
I will try my best to make him the coolest figure ever since he is my hero as well! He'll be painted soon, so stay tuned for more updates soon!
This is the best announcement I see so far because Gil is my favorite and seeing him as figurine as a caster class is blissful.
By: @momocasiraghi
Response From Product Planner

I am very happy to make my favorite servant into figure! ^^
I will do my best to continue releasing more of the male servants too. I hope you are looking forward to the announcement of the prototype once it is ready!

Other Comments

Below are a few more comments that we enjoyed reading!
Please note that not all comments that were received could be listed.

Product Name Comment
Ai Enma I look forward to seeing the prototype.
Anastasia: Story of Revolving Stars Ver. Good Smile Anastasia's figure are better and better. From an artist in love to a fan in love /o/
  AAAAAA! I want her so bad! Her costume is the best. Sure enough Im@s is irresistable to stop collecting.
Aoba I've been looking for updates on the 1/8 scale Aoba almost every day since February! I'm so excited!
  It's not a debate between want and need. For this figure, it's both! So epic... I must have!!
Avenger/Jeanne d'Arc (Alter): Dress Ver. I have too much figure I like! X-x But I absolutely want this one!
Thanks you !
DX: Excalibur (Prototype) Dans la série des tailles réelles, Excalibur c'est bien aussi !
Eriri Spencer Sawamura There is no such things happen as having too many Eriri figures.
  This Eriri figurine is so nice. Smooth blond hair, cheerful expression, she is sooo cute!
figma Hatsune Miku V4X I love the Miku figs announced at wonfes, but I think this more classic look is best on her.
figma higma OMG the higuma bear!!
figma Kurogo This may seem like a really basic figure but I already have many ideas about how to use it! 
  A Figma I didn't even know I needed! #WHfig_love Stagehands are silent heroes!
figma Nero Claudius Can't wait to see the final product! So excited for her!
figma Project PANDORA figma X TONY!!!
figma Racing Miku 2017 ver. I really love the ilustration from Tony Taka and the sculptor did an impressive job but I wish the skin color was more white
  adoro hatsune miku è non ho mai avuto la possibilità di avere un action figures spero che me ne diate la possibilità 
figma Seto Kaiba Kaiba!!! I've been waiting for a long time😆😆 can't wait to see he meet with Yugi(at my house)!!!
  Because screw the rules, Kaiba's a figma. All about that Blue Eyes life 
figma Syaoran Li This Syaoran is a must have, really cool
  Esta figma de Syaoran expresa toda su personalidad. I LOVE IT!
figma Utena Tenjou Yes!The prototype came out! One of the best magical girl anime out there, and articulating her in action poses will be amazing.
  i honestly cant wait to see the utena figurine finished!! she looks so good so far!!!
  I'm not a huge figure collector, but for Utena (and Slayers), yes.
figma Warspite This brings my love from 2d closer to 3d, bless you goodsmile
  ep. 1 Warspite rising
Finally Warspite stands up!
I thoughts it is wheelchair (totally wrong
figma is also nice. Her basic pose with wheelchair. 
figma Yudachi Kai-II It looks beautiful painted. 
Hatsune Miku: 10th Anniversary Ver. I can not miss this one as a Miku fun. I hope color of her hair and glossy looks will be painted nicely.
Hatsune Miku: Harvest Moon Ver. alright for real though i'm gonna need gsc to stop making miku figs or else i'll go bankrupt
  I love Miku Hatsune that's why I hope to win 
  Hatsune Miku goes on for another 10 years!
I already like Harvest Moon Ver. Miku and I am verry happy to see her become scaled figure.
Please keep on going for another nice figurines.
Hatsune Miku: Vintage Dress Ver. mi piacerebbe iniziare la collezione delle action figures da un personaggio unico Hatsune Miku
Hatsune Miku: Winter Heroine Ver. Buon anniversario Hatsune Miku è unica ce poco da dire ..se non si può averla nella realtà ci si accontenta di una riproduzione
Honami Ichinose: Getting Dressed Ver. I got something completely different from what I thought when I started watching. Now I'm eager and just loving the characters!
Ichigo Hitohuri Aargh! He become figure at length. He will be so cool when he become a final product. I love him so much... COOL!
Iowa: Half Damaged Ver. I got her in the game and I farm until MAX level. Look at her fire power. I want evey one in "middle damaged", oh no, I can't hold it even in my imagination.
  I wondered if I'd be able to find an Iowa's figure as cute as her Nendoroid vers' Well, this one is pretty accurate! Can't wait!
  Her eyes... can she text me back.
  I wondered if I'd be able to find an Iowa's figure as cute as her Nendoroid vers' Well, this one is pretty accurate! Can't wait!
Iowa: Half Damaged Ver. Wonderful figure, I love military airplane & ships. I'd preferred to share I-19, but seems to be forgotten after prototype :(
Izetta Alors forcément, ma Waifu de l'automne dernier, Izetta
  adoro le armi e lei è un arma che ti colpisce subito al cuore
Izuminokami Kanesada Kane san finally comes! I look forward Kunihiro too that I will get allong with him.
Besides, I have feeling that I will be short of money…Romani Doctor, Kenshin!, Mordred!, Arther!, and Touken Musical too! I appreciate but it will sure makes a dent in my purse...
Japari Bus Nothing to talk about. Get on.
Kenshin Himura Whatever you lose, you'll find it again, but what you throw away you'll never get it back."
  Pretty Pleased with the new kenshin figure. He's gorgeous! #WHfig_love he's def on my want list!
Louise: Final Wedding Dress Ver. Best announcement to see after waking up in the morning (*•̀ᴗ•́*)و ̑̑ 
MAX Alloy Zeorymer Hades Project Zeorymer has new products! Defenetly I will support it!
Megumi Kato Ooh this new set of saekano figures looks so good! I may have to decide between Eriri or Megumi
  Saekano Series is always gourgious. Kureto Fukazaki character is always looks nice when it comes to figurine.
  As a Megumi fun, I wish saint Megumi~
Uniform, Casual wear, swimsuit, I will buy as long as it is Megumi.
Also, I usually enough if I have one but I need to have 2 if it is Megumi.
#Please more Megumi~
Megumi Kato: Bunny Ver. Bunny Suits are justice! Kato Megumi is Waifu for laifu.
Megumi Kato: Dress Ver. So many Megumi figures announced but this...THIS ONE IS BEAUTIFUL! The pedals on the ground and pose r outstanding, great work!
Mei Irizaki: Swimsuit Ver. Une "petite" Mei Irizaki qui me rappelle que j'avais bien aimé
minimum factory Kaban, minimum factory Serval ahhhhhh these Serval and Kaban figures are so cute!!!! i'm absolutely getting them if i can!!!
Mitsuha Miyamizu It was amazing seeing a connection that even transcended time itself. Words aren't enough, I only have tears of joy.
  I waited for Your Name's nendoroid and figures.... LOVE THIS ANIME <3
  Taki and Mitsuha in 3D is so satisfying. Sometimes 2D characters don't look good in 3D, but these guys rock! Amazing work! 
  Can't wait for this figurines !!!!
  I'm very exited to get those figures, both Mitsuha and Taki look great togather
Nendoroid Abukuma Kai-II Très hâte de voir Abukuma !
Nendoroid Ai-chan A gaze of Ai chan will give me a lift while working!!
Nendoroid Ariel The little mermaid looks so chibi in nendoroid form #WHfig_love and Sebastian and Flounder are so kawaii!!!
  Look at this stuff isn't it neat If I win this my collection will be complete!
Nendoroid Asuna: O.S If good smile company keeps making great nendoroids at this pace I'll have to rob a bank to collect them all
Nendoroid Guardian Absolutely love seeing this, Zelda breath of the wild is a great game and the guardian is great. cute, and so deadly! 
Nendoroid Haruna Kai-II Would you like to have best Kanmusu for kekkon kakkokari? I am looking forward to see grey scale. I wish to have Kancolle official summer swim suit parts~
  I already have Nendoroid Haruna. Why I won't get Kai 2 version too?
Nendoroid Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 5th Anniversary Ver. This Miku is so small and so cute! I am looking forward to get her!
  It goes without saying that I love Hatsune Miku. This adorable Nendoroid shows why. :3
  Moe & Kawaii Nendoroid Hatsune miku. Precisely made little hat with angelic smily face. I want go to Japan too!
  Small Hatsune Miku is so cute! I got feeling of falling love with her.
Nendoroid Hifumi Takimoto I'm so excited for this little cute girl. She's like me but in a 2D world. I already have nendoroid at home and i would like to adopt Hifumi-chan <3 So please please please 
Nendoroid Juzumaru Tsunetsugu He is the sword I did not get so why not I wount buy one. His style is so nice.
  Please give me Jyzumaru to me~
  Please give me strong Jyuzumaru
Nendoroid Kasen Kanesada I am so excited to see Nendoroid Kasen. I wish peony on his mant and loin guarded ginkgo leafs are well replicated into the figure.  
  Thank you for releasing Nendnroid Kasen. Besides, will Uchiban code will be made? I like it as well. 
Nendoroid Kirito: O.S I want Kirito & Asuna O.S. Ver!
Nendoroid Lana I love Lana, she's an awesome character in Pokemon and the nendroid will be just as amazing and cute!!
Nendoroid Lina Inverse Lina was my first anime hero. Don’t mess with her or she’ll cast her Dragon Slave! 
  Lina!! Finally she is here! Very cute. Can she do Dragon slave?
Please make Naga tooooo!
Nendoroid Mutsu As an Admiral, I love all of Kanmusu, but…
If I can't take them all, I will pick…
Mutsu who has exploding 3rd tturret.
I want snail body parts~
P.S. I was willing to pick my angel Haruna Kai 2, though it will be same with every one so I pick Mutsu. 
Nendoroid Nikkari Aoe His devilish smile and captivating eyes…Don't take my wallet…
Nendoroid P-body ATLAS, the perfect representation of two things that I like: One of your favorite games PORTAL and the best fig. NENDOROID
Nendoroid Petit Touken Ranbu the Musical ~Atsukashiyama Ibun~ I was surprised with the news Toukenranbu Musical made into figurine. Is there any chanse we can have "Bakumatsu Tenrouhaku" and "300years of lullaby"? I hope other musical can be made into figure also.
  Kyaa~my HUSBANDOS!Rly❤GSCs diverse outfit selection for ALL their figs esp these 1s.Cant wait2get+do MANY things2them..fufufu ;P
Nendoroid Roy Mustang Colonel who quietly watching over Elric brothers, with the ambition, useless when it rains finally become a Nendoroid! His attractiveness is as he is, and replasable hands makes him no longer useless even rainy day! No doubt he became a perfect colonel!
Nendoroid Shuichi Akai Akaiiiiiiiiiiii!!!I need it!! Does he has Sniper rifle? Lol
Nendoroid Taikogane Sadamune Exciting!
Nendoroid Toru Oikawa: Casual Ver. He may be a setter but I want him to be the ace of my heart once again, just like his first nendoroid was ^^
Nendoroid x DOLL It is nice to have articulated body and clothes.
Is there any magnet on the base?
I wonder what makes creating new specification instead of Super movable edition?
  Thank you for making articulated body.
It wold be nice if it has high compatibility with other figures.
  I was longing for this Nendoroid base body!
Nendoroid Yunyun YunYun de #Konosuba, parfait pour accompagner Megumin
Nendoroid Yuri Katsuki: Casual Ver. kane san finally comes into Nendoroid Series! I am sure I will get Kunihiro too. Besides, I feel I am going to bunkrupt… Romany Docter! Kenshin! Mordred! Arther! And Touken Musical too! I appreciate it but it makes dent in my wallet…
  All your katsudon are belong to me!!~ #WHfig_love I can't wait to add another Yuuri to my hoard of nendoriods!~
  Thank you for releasing so many small cute Nendoroid! Yuri in casual wear is really cute and moe~  
  I should get him as long as he is buddy of X.
  Zero never be absent as Megaman X exist! He is so cute!
Rem: Happy Birthday Ver. I need to sell my organs because i can't stop buying this Rem's figures(1/7th Rem: Happy Birthday Ver. Re:Zero)
  would love this for my birthday!!
Taki Tachibana Can't wait for this figurines !!!!
Warspite Warspite has a real sense of royalty and her figma captures this look effortlessly. She is truly glorious!

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