Booth Info

An exhibition of new figures from each brand/manufacturer!
Check the booth map here!

Booth Map

Booth Map

Figure/Hobby Exhibition Corner

The latest figures from Good Smile Company, Max Factory and more are set to be on display!
There will be featured exhibition corners for popular IPs like "hololive production", "Chainsaw Man" and "Umamusume: Pretty Derby", as well as exhibition corners for scale figures, Nendoroid figures and POP UP PARADE figures. Figures that have not yet been made available for preorder and figures still in development will be on display!

GOODSMILE RACING Exhibition Corner


The Hatsune Miku GT Project is a motorsports project based on the concept of a racing team that races along with the fans.
GOODSMILE RACING & TeamUKYO will compete in the SUPER GT GT300 class in 2023 once again!
The new Racing Miku Supporters 2023 costumes and the design of the car that will compete in the SUPER GT 2023 season will be unveiled at the GSR stage, which is scheduled to begin at 11:30. The GSR Shop byFOREST will be at the event with plenty of new merchandise.